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Vincent Peirani, a virtuoso accordionist who has won international acclaim in the jazz world, expresses himself with remarkable ease in a wide variety of musical genres, shifting and overstepping their boundaries with consummate skill.

Whatever the style, Vincent Peirani turns everything he touches into gold: jazz of course (his own projects, and collaborations with Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, and others), but also French chanson (with Sanseverino, Les Yeux Noirs), classical music (his long-standing duo with the cellist François Salque), film music (composer for Mathieu Amalric’s Barbara in 2017), etc.

His open-mindedness and endless curiosity have led him, through countless collaborations, to shape his music with multiple influences. With their naturalness, their self-evidence, his compositions go straight to the depths of our emotions.

With insatiable relish and unfailing commitment, he explores different musical languages, and uses his own special magic to give new life to familiar themes that we thought were rooted forever in their own tradition.

Vincent Peirani’s music, like his personality, embraces whole worlds, and takes the listener on new adventures every time.

“A sound, a sense of colour and dynamics that are amazing!” Le Nouvel Observateur


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