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The Lopez Petrakis Chemirani Trio is an encounter of three musicians who compose and perform their proper own music, baring the influences of various musical styles, of the Mediterranean region. 

Stelios Petrakis is a composer and virtuoso lyra and luth player coming from the island of Crete, and was alway interested in dialogues between musicians coming from different genres.

Efren Lopez is an amazing multi-instrumentist and composer coming from Valencia, Spain, and has travelled and studied for years various musical idioms of the Mediterranean, Middle-East and Afghanistan regions.

Bijan Chemirani is a master percussionist who learned traditional Persian music in Marseille region alongside his father Djamchid and his older brother Keyvan.

”LPC” trio’s project is based on the musical and personal relationship of three musicians who have many things in common in their way of considering music, styles and creation. Their instruments originating from various traditional music styles influences their creation. Their music bares influences from Crete, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Spain, France and Early-Ancient music.



Efren Lopez – hurdy gurdy, ogur sazi, fretless guitar, cretan laouto, kopuz, bulgari, ud, lavta, cura, ektara, herati dutar, afghan rabab, bendir, manjira, daf, adufe, square drum

Stelios Petrakis – cretan lyra, lyraki, lyra-cello, cretan laouto

Bijan Chemirani – zarb, daf, bendir, doira, riq


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