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Out on February 25 th 2022. c&p Stelios Petrakis / Molpé Music – l’Autre Distribution.

Stelios Petrakis, one of the current masters of Cretan music, returns with a brand new studio album, “Spondi” (libation).

His love and admiration for Cretan music led him to form the Cretan Quartet, which focuses on on the great tradition of Crete, with a repertoire enriched by his own compositions. The outstanding musicians of this project were selected for their true mastery of Cretan traditional music and their open outlook onto the world.

The Stelios Petrakis Cretan Quartet brilliantly recreates the entire musical mosaic of Crete, marked in particular by Mediterranean influences. Accomplished instrumentalist, playing the Cretan lyre and laouto, Stelios Petrakis leads this quartet with two other musicians/singers and a twirling dancer.

Stelios Petrakis: lyra, laouto

Dimitris Sideris : singer, laouto

Michalis Kontaxakis : mandoline

Emmanuella Kallergi : dance

Nikos Lempesis : dance

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