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Stelios Petrakis started learning the art of Cretan Lyra at the age of eight in his hometown of Sitia. It was not long before he extended his interests to include the Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian repertoires. Stelios Petrakis’ interests have brought him to work with an impressive list of international artists representing the Mediterranean musical traditions. He also a luthier workshop in Heraklion where he make his own instruments. 

His love and admiration for Cretan music led him to form the Cretan Quartet, which focuses on on the great tradition of Crete, with a repertoire enriched by his own compositions. The outstanding musicians of this project were selected for their true mastery of Cretan traditional music and their open outlook onto the world.


Stelios Petrakis – cretan lyra, lauto

Michalis Kontaxakis – mandolin

Dimitris Sideris – luth

Nikolaos Lempesis – dance


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