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After the saharan experience that gave birth to Zarabi (2015), it’s her travels and encounter that gave her the material of her third album Daba (”now” in Moroccan Arabic): a title with multiple resonances. For Oum, this ”now” has mostly coincided, in recent years, with the particular time spent on tour and the experiences linked to the travels and incessant exchanges that frame the brief and intense time of concerts. 

The orchestration remains acoustic, but for the very first time in her work some electronic sounds envelop her songs to subtly connect them to our time. Her lyrics has some to say about our time : endangered nature, the fate of migrants, women still constrained by some cultures…

However, Oum not simply making observations: her ”now” is dynamic. Oum positions herself as a woman of the world who is convinced that cultural borders are thinner that what can bring us together. 

She continues her quest of a universal music that, in our troubled time, allows her to transmit hope…


Oum – vocals

Yacir Rami – ud

Camille Passeri – trumpet

Damian Nueva – bass

Carlos Mejias – saxophone & machines


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