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After the Saharan experience that gave birth to Zarabi, it was her travels and encounters that gave her the material for her third album, Daba (“Now”, in Moroccan Arabic): a title with multiple resonances. For Oum, this “now” has mostly coincided, in recent years, with the particular time spent on tour and the experiences linked to the travels and incessant exchanges that frame the brief and intense moment of the concert.

To give a musical life to this great mix where the individual absorbs much more energy than the senses and the mind can translate, Oum chose to record the album in Berlin where  people live intensely in the present moment.

The orchestration remains acoustic, but for the very first time in her work some electronic sounds envelop her songs to connect them discreetly to our contemporaneity that she by the way denounce with the lyrics: Nature under threat, the fate reserved for migrants, the constraints that some cultures continue to impose on women…

However, the singer is not just making an observation. Her “now” is essentially dynamic. Oum positions herself as a woman of the world convinced that cultural barriers weigh less than what can bring us together.

She continues her quest for a universal music that, in our troubled world, allows her to transmit hope. 



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