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Radio Mediteran


Omer Klein Trio offers an exciting program, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, the people living on its shores, their rich culture and and music. Klein, Bresler and Cohen-Milo approached these richnesses closely as they forged their experience by the Israeli littoral

In 2018, after five years touring the world and two successful albums (Fearless Friday and Sleepwalkers), they were awarded by ECHO Jazz in Germany and gave birth to their first piece dedicated to Mediterranean Sea : ”Radio Mediteran”

As Always with OKT, the various elements are mixed in a truly original an daring way, one blending into the other freely and creatively, following no rules but the joy of music making. To their rich acoustic sound the trio is adding touches of synths, to complete a work that is at once a love song to the ancient sea, and an ultra-modern, hip creation.


Omer Klein – piano, synth, percussions

Haggai Cohen-Milo – bass, bass synth

Amir Bresler – drums, percussions


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