Molpé Music


A brand-new, exciting program created by the Omer Klein Trio, inspired by the Mediterranean, the people living on its shores, their rich culture and music.

Klein, Bresler and Cohen-Milo all grew up on Israel’s Mediterranean shore, the sea being a constant backdrop to their young life experiences.

In 2018, after 5 years of intense activity and two successful albums (Fearless Friday and Sleepwalkers), the ECHO-Jazz-awarded trio has created their first work dedicated to the great sea, to be released in early 2019.

The recordings followed a long period of research and absorption of some of the richly diverse musical styles around the mediterranean. The new album will include original music by Klein and his crew, inspired by the sounds of Tunisia, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey, Lybia, Morocco and so on.

As always with OKT, the various elements are mixed in a truly original and daring way, one blending into the other freely and creatively, following no rules but the joy of music making. And to their rich acoustic sound, the trio is adding touches of analog synths, to complete a work that is at once a love song to an ancient sea, and an ultra-modern, hip creation.

Omer KLEIN – piano, synth, percussions

Haggai COHEN MILO – bass, bass synth, 

Amir BRESLER – drums, percussions



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