Molpé Music


Few months after his noteworthy duo ”Legends Of The Wall” (Vision Fugitive) with clarinetist Jean-Marc Foltz, Philippe Mouratoglou meets funambulist drummer Ramon Lopez and skilled bassist Bruno Chevillon in trio format. 

Those three music erudites know too well that the great quest of renewal is much more fertile as it takes roots in eclectic culture. The bet here is more open new fields than piling up new finds. Getting out of the comfort zone, get luck into the path without losing the melodic horizon.

In the flow of tributes to two great influencers – Ornette Coleman and Scott Walker – the three of those musical painters seem to pass each other instrumental gestures and redefining the trio geometry to create a new organic identity. 

Philippe MOURATOGLOU – Guitares acoustiques

Bruno CHEVILLON – Contrebasse

Ramon LOPEZ – Batterie



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