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In a boiling city where the curfew has just been lifted after a second rebellion, where dreams and revolt are displayed on the walls, where hostiles slogans towards islamists and the army resonate in downtown clubs, Blaise Merlin heard the voice of Abdullah Miniawy. Spokesperson of the egyptian youth, Sufi singer, writer, poet, slammer and broke student from the oasis-town of El Fayoum, he shakes the scene and social networks with his hyptnotic blend of rock, electro and jazz, punk psychedelic, secular and avant-garde.

 The constant blow of saxophonist Peter Corser and the ”barock” strings of Karsten Hopchapfel both find a response in the striking voice of Abdullah Miniawy. Whispered or declaimed, his virtuoso sufi singing leads the audience to a trans-like state.

Outstanding, free, spiritual, lyrical… ”Le Cri Du Caire” will turn people’s head up…


Abdullah Miniawy – vocals, texts, compositions 

Peter Corser – saxophone, clarinet

Karsten Hopchapfel – guitar, cello

+ guest Erik Truffaz – trumpet

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