Molpé Music

The Rhythm Alchemy

(Molpé Music - 2019)


From Indian subcontinent’s kanjira and tablas to occidental drums through beatbox, the new creation of Keyvan Chemirani celebrates the world of rhythms.

The whole is enriched by master french cellist Vincent Ségal‘s bowed strings and Julien Stella‘s bass clarinet. Together they both question and support the rhythmic structure.

Even though the musicians and anchored to tradition, they are more than ever in tune with today’s world which is more than ever open to other music genres.

Their generosity and openness is the essential key to allow transmission and sharing of such a rich and complex music.

Altogether they constantly go back and forth between our meditative and festive mind sides, without never neglecting the essence of music : pleasure, joy and groove…


Prabhu Edouard – tablas

Stéphane Galland – drums

Vincent Ségal – cello

Socratis Sinopoulos – cretan lyra

Djamchid Chemirani – vocals, zarb

Bijan Chemirani – zarb, percussions, saz

Keyvan Chemirani – zarb, percussions, santour


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