Molpé Music


(MDC - 2022)


Hâls is a seven acts play. Each of these acts is dedicated to an emotion, a state of being

We started experimenting those states from the beginning of the pandemic. They continue to go through us, each time with a different intensity and a new aspect. 

Fear, confusion, acceptance, dream, hope, impatience and euphory are the seven states.

We all know these emotions, we have been re-discovering them for several months. They express themselves through us and we issue them, conciously or unconciously, through many ways in the intimate space, the social, professional and digital environement. 

Hâls is a piece dedicated to live act. The core is composed of a text and a musical base, to give freedom of interpretation to both musicians.


Oum – vocals

Carlos Mejias – saxophone, machines


Watch their live session for ARTE CONCERT in may 2022 !


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