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Swiss hudy gurdy player Matthias Liobner and Syrian multi-instrumentist Basel Rajoub met around the ”Soriana Project” led by Rajoub.

Matthias Liobner first learned music on conventional instruments (such as piano and guitar) to then turn himself toward a much more unusual instrument : the hurdy gurdy. With Ricardo Delfino as a teacher, he won the Hurdy Gurdy and Bagpipes Concourse in 1994. He has been teaching method and playing of his instrument ever since. 

Basel Rajoub grew up in Damascus, Syria. He was exposed from early age to the practice of trumpet, meanwhile listening to Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong records. Then he chose saxophone around 18 years old. He is now one of the ambassadors of playing oriental music at the saxophone. 

Charmed by Matthias’ hurdy gurdy play, he soon e-offered him to bring their music together in a one of a kind project. This duo is both a time and geographic bridge between ancient and modern music, between orient and occident.


Basel Rajoub – saxophone

Matthias Loibner – hurdy gurdy


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