Molpé Music


(Budda Music - 2022)


From their encounter in Marseille in 2016 was born a first album named “Delâshena”. After many concert in France and Europe, Shadi Fathi and Bijan Chemirani’s artistic complicity led them to composing a new repertoire, Âwat – “great desire” in kurdish, once again inspired by the richness of persian music and poetry.


This new program invites on some pieces french flute player Sylvain Barou, cellist Redi Hasa and iranian kamatcheh Shervin Mohajer. 

The ensemble is punctuated by the works of the poets Khayyâm and Mowlana Rûmi, brought to life by Shadi’s voice.


During a time when the news are tragic and after two years during which culture was brought down to silence, Âwat resonates as a teeming rennaissance where the delicacy of melodies meet the power of performance.


Shadi Fathi – vocal, setar, shourangiz, daf

Bijan Chemirani – zarb, daf, udu, percussions, saz


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