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Musical cultures sometimes take on unknown brilliance far from their source of nourishment. The meeting in Marseille in 2016 between Shadi Fathi and Bijan Chemirani is one of those precious sparks… Setting up a fertile dialogue on the peaks of Persian traditional music

Born in Tehran, Shadi Fathi trained with Ostad Dariush Talai, grand master of Persian learned music, before becoming an exceptional soloist on traditional string instruments: setar and shourangiz.

Bijan Chemirani has become a reference for zarb, an ancestral Iranian percussion, alongside his father and multiples project he’s been part of.

The duo presents now their first album, where classical inspirations and contemporary flashes are mixed in a rhythmic abundance, enlighted by readings of Persian poems from Mowlana Rumi to Sohrab Sepehri. 

In 2018, the album were awarded by the Charles Cros Academy in the category World Music Creations.

A delicate conversation led with a sublime mastery…


Shadi Fathi – vocal, setar, shourangiz, daf

Bijan Chemirani – zarb, daf, udu, percussions, saz


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