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New album ”Tales Of Ancient New Rhythms” in the making !


Following their father’s path, master of the zarb Djamchid, brothers Bijan and Keyvan Chemirani rapidly confronted their musical knowledge to other artists from very diverse esthetics : sometime separately but often together, would it be in world music (with Ross Daly, Ballaké Sissoko, Sokratis Sinopoulos…), jazz (with Sylvain Luc, Didier Lockwood, Renaud Garcia Fons, Louis Sclavis…), or in classical and cntemporary music.


Naturaly they highlight now that complicity and complementarity that were matured from all these musical adventures. They compose together a new repertoire that borrows elements from oriental tradition (persan, indian, turkish, greek…) adding their comtemporary vision with notes of folk and even pop.


Keyvan Chemirani – zarb, santour, snare, daf

Bijan Chemirani – zarb, saz, daf, percussions



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