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Basel Rajoub is a worldwide known saxophonist and composer-improviser. He music can be described as contemporary tradition-based music inspired by Middle Eastern rhythms, melodic modes and jazz.

Born in Aleppo, Syria, he graduated from the Damascus High Institute of Music and was the awarded winner of Radio Monte Carlo’ s Moyen-Orient Music Award. Basel has been part of numerous contemporary music groups collaborating with musicians from different parts of the Middle East, North Africa, and West Asia. He is also the founder and leader of the Basel Rajoub ensemble. 

Amongst his numerous projects, “The New Music from Iran and Syria” project, earned a lot of attention premiering at the Asia Society in New York on 7 December 2014 and receiving a special review by New York Times. His latest project and album, Soriana “Our Syria” was released in 2016, has been merit-selected for funding by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.



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