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Aynur (”Moolight” in english), embodies the new kurdish music. 

It is “Crossing The Bridge : The Sound of Istanbul”  that revealed to a larger audience. Luminous, she sings a harrowing version of  ”Ahmedo” a famous kurdish love song.

Aynur’s compositions are based on the traditional repertoire : ”dilok”, popular and festive songs ; ”delal” songs of plains and nature ; ”lavik”, epic moutain stories ; ”agit”, lamentation ; and ”govend”, traditional danse.

she brings to this repertoire her modernity and personal touch, fed by many musical influences that built her style, which she embelish with her captivating and powerful voice. 


NB : can be modified

Aynur – vocals

Alex Simu – clarinet

Franz Von Chossy – piano

Ruven Ruppik – drums


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