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Over the years Aynur is considered as one of the most prominent musicians from Turkey and a symbol for the Kurdish people. Her vocal style and her albums are praised by the Turkish media and international media, thus remaining on the top of the selling calatogues
in Kurdish folk albums. 

Aynur’s music is based on traditional Kurdish folk songs, many of which date back at least 300 years. Her lyrics speak of the life and suffering of Kurdish people and especially Kurdish women. She blends Kurdish and Western music, interpreting traditional repertoire in a modern way. She has collaborated with worldwide known musicians and bands such as the renowned cellist YO-YO MA and Silk Road Ensemble, Kayhan Kalhor, Javier Limon, Kinan Azmeh, Mercan Dede, Salman Gambarov, Cemil Qocgiri, Morgenland All Star Band, Nerderland Blazers Ensemble, Sertab Erener. What is more she has participated, as a singer, in Fatih Akın’s documentary movie “İstanbul Hatırası / Köprüyü Geçmek-Crossing the bridges” and featured in the documentary-film “The music of Strangers” directed by Morgan Neville. Whenever Aynur sings a melody, she makes it her own, transforming it into something beautiful, and every note, every microtone, every word reaches deep and unparalleled beauty. She is a reason to love live music for centuries” Javier Limón

AYNUR – vocals

Kayhan KALHOR – kamancheh

Salman GAMBAROV – piano

Cemîl QOCGIRÎ – tenbur



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