Molpé Music

French-Tunisian saxpohonist, composer and producer, Yacine Boularès is based in New York since 2009. A boiling city in perpetual movement, cosmopilitan progressist.

From his various collaborations and his wish to share and claim, he gather the collective AJOYO, offering a travel through jazz, soul and african traditional rhythms. We let ourselves on board and think about Tony Allen, Oum Khalsoum, Charlie Parker, Donnie Hathaway…

War Chant brings the same aural celebration of joy and life into a more focused call to action in the name of social and racial justice. The compositions in this release take aim at the oppression, xenophobia and greed that are running rampant in modern day America, combatting the lies and corruption being spewed from the Trump administration with an honest and refreshing musical diatribe. Boularès says. “Exposing people to our worlds and our own immigration stories develops empathy, regardless of their political views.” Alongside saxophonist/bandleader Yacine Boularès, the album features a deeply attuned working lineup with vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles, keyboardist/producer Jesse Fischer, bassist Kyle Miles (formerly with Marcus Strickland’s Twi- Life), guitarist Michael Valeanu (formerly with Cyrille Aimée) and drummer Philippe Lemm.

War Chant sees an invigorating and empowering chemistry between band members and a list of esteemed featured artists. Boularès calls upon the very frontline of modern jazz to join with him in celebration and protest. The explosive rising-star vibraphonist and Blue Note recording artist Joel Ross makes a cutting appearance on “Syzygy,” while trumpeter Takuya Kuroda lends his brassy assurance on “Assyko,” Lake Street Dive vocalist/keyboardist Akie Bermiss lays down stone soul on “Jojo’s Groove” and South Africa’s Vuyo Sotashe sings movingly alongside Charles on the poignant “Better Love.”

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