Mohamed Abozekry, born in Cairo in 1991, is already famous throughout the Middle-East as an Oud prodigy (arabic lute). Mohamed studied in the “Arabic Oud House” under the direction of Naseer Shamma, he graduated at the age of 15, becoming the youngest professor in the Middle-East. In 2009, he wins the 1st Prize at the International Oud Competition in Damascus. He is also a member of the Eastern Orchestra.

In 2007, the meeting in Cairo of Mohamed with Guillaume Hogan, the meeting of oud and guitar, inspired him to work on a repertoire for quartet based on the fusion of oud and guitar. These pieces were rearranged afterwards by HeeJaz.

The four musicians of the band HeeJaz, inspired by their diverse musical paths (oriental, gypsy jazz, blues, rock, world, free jazz), create a strong rhythmic and harmonic backing, allowing Mohamed to improvise and play accross all these different styles.
Their fusion of musical styles makes the band truly original. The quartet was born from a desire to exchange ideas based on their different cultures and knowledge base.

The composer and performer Mohamed Abozekry tries to develop with the band HeeJaz (percussion, guitar and double bass) an original style mixing the traditional oud music to world music, jazz and blues, sometimes even rock.

All confirmed international travelers and music lovers, this young group (25 years old average age) does not base its sound on a precise music genre, but strives to create its own musical path. More precisely, the musical pieces are performed by the musicians as if relating a story, creating different atmospheres with all their musical styles and by playing the instruments in a non-conventional way.